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Gush Etzion 

Weekly programs

Bat Mitzvah Program

The WBM in cooperation with Matan – A Mother- daughter learning experience. Joint learning in preparation for Bat Mitzvah

Tuesday Morning Classes in English

Tuesday morning classes. Pop-up Beit Midrash: A new community-based learning program for men and women

Wednesday Morning Classes in English

Wednesday morning classes – registration in full swing

Rotating events

Yemei Iyun

Community pre-holiday learning: Join us for an in-depth learning experience to enrich your holiday with Torah and Halacha.

WBM Lectures

WBM presents a monthly shiur on varying topics to the community in Efrat. Check back for updates.

Gemara for Beginners

Open the Gemara and enter the world of Talmud as we delve into the intriguing world of our Sages.

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Rabbanit Shira Sapir

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